Sartorial Safety Net

Everyone has a dress they can rely on no matter what, right? One that will work, regardless of what last minute invitation you’ve received (or last minute bloat!)? We’ve all got that dress that can take us anywhere, anytime? I hope so – I don’t know what I’d do without mine! 

My go-anywhere dress is a black and white polka dot wrap dress. It’s Zara and must be around 5 years old – it had a hole in it (which Mama Daydreamer kindly patched up) and another one is wearing its way through the soft, jersey fabric, but I’ll continue to fold it around me for as long as I can. This dress has been a sartorial best friend to me; it’s taken me to work, out for lunch, out for dinner, to the bar, to the shops and even across the tarmac at Dundee airport onto a flight to Oxford, where I stepped off the plane and in to a surprise party. It’s comfortable, elegant, pretty and easy to wear and, although I often consider buying two of something fab, this is the one time I wish I had – I dread the day when Mama can’t fix the dress any longer. 
What’s your sartorial safety net? 

Dress: Zara
Necklaces: Alex Monroe; Azuni
Clutch: insert from another handbag, TK MAXX
Wedges: Office

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