Safe cycling for your little ones

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I bought myself a new bike in the summer, a classic bike that gets me from A to B in style – which of course meant I had to treat myself to an equally as cute helmet. Initially I chose Thousand for their stylish designs, but after reading their site I was sold on their work ethic and backstory. After she lost her friend to a fatal bike accident, the founder, Gloria Hwang, created Thousand as a goal of helping to save 1,000 lives by making helmets that people actually want to wear. The names serves as a daily reminder of why they do what they do.

And keeping riders safe (and stylish) isn’t the only good thing they do. Thousand offsets 110% of its carbon emissions making them a carbon neutral business, they opt out of Black Friday each year and donate to worthy causes instead, and they provided free helmets to cyclists delivering essential items during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. What’s more, they replace the helmets of their customers who’ve had a crash and they also guarantee a helmet replacement if yours is stolen with their Anti-Theft Guarantee. I love everything about this company and brand and I hope you will too.

When Thousand reached out asking me to work with them on their junior collection, I didn’t hesitate. They sent over this blue helmet for Nathan, who said he thinks it’s “fantastic” and gave it two big thumbs up, and I feel safe in the knowledge that Thousand has my child’s safety covered. A few weeks ago during Giving Tuesday, for every Thousand Junior helmet sold on their website, they donated a Thousand Jr helmet to a child in need. Honestly, I think they are so cool and I think they’re setting a brilliant example for start-ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. 

My top three features:

  • The safety aspect – from age five these helmets meet specific cycling regulations that mean you and your child are safe on your family bike rides.
  • The magnetic clip – no pinched chins!
  • The free stickers – anything that encourages a child’s creativity and personality is good with me.

I would love it if you took a look around Thousand’s website to find out more about the brand and check out their gorgeous helmets. Hopefully, you’ll support them when you’re next in the market for a helmet – if that’s now, they’re offering a free accessory with any helmet purchase using the code NEWYEAR until Wednesday 29 December.

Thousand kindly gifted the junior helmet for an Instagram Story and this blog post – thank you, as always, for your support in engaging with my sponsored, paid and gifted content. 


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