Russian Doll

Remember my recent post about a chic, snowy city break with the Analeena Gstaad clutch? Well, no need to travel for my snowy winter wonderland – it’s right here on my doorstep! The snow has fallen and fallen, like pretty sparkly angels, and now the land around us is bright and beautiful and makes for breathtaking scenery when walking the dog. I went for a gorgeous walk with my Mum on Sunday and decided to wear my new Barbour-come-puffa jacket (it’s as close as I’ll get to either as my ample rack means excess padding is not a good look!) and Russian style faux fur hat. My friend Nicki said it was very “Bond movie”, which I love, although perhaps that really is living in a wonderland! Well, Mum liked it so much, she too bought one! What do you think?



Jacket by M&Co, hat by M&Co, jeans by M&S, wellies at Dobbies 2008.


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