River Island AW12

About 12 years ago (when I was in my late teens), I loved River Island. A few years later, I went off them for a bit…. it was like I got too old for the brand, which had gone a bit “sexy” and perhaps a bit too flashy for my style. However, in the past couple of years, I’ve warmed to River Island again – I had got to that stage where I didn’t even look in store when shopping, I knew there wouldn’t be anything that suited me (or my style) so I simply didn’t bother looking. However, in the past couple of years, the River Island window displays have caught my eye, luring me back in to browse. It seems that River Island has produced some really on-trend pieces and become much more fashion focussed, particularly for AW12. I’m excited to see the new season campaign images (below) and think I might just have to do more than just browse at River Island this season. Bravo!

River Island Autumn Winter 2012
Images courtesy of River Island/PR Shots, with thanks.

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