Retrosun, Retrofun!

How fabulous are these sunglasses?
They are vintage Christian Dior, available from Retrosun who specialise in vintage designer sunglasses from the 70s and 80s. Always in pristine condition, Retrosun’s vintage sunnies have never been worn so are like brand new, but vintage! Other designers available at Retrosun include Gucci, Boss & Carrera, Lacroix, Cazal and Paloma Picasso, to name a few. If you’re looking for some special vintage sunglasses but want something in brand new condition, Retrosun is the place to go – their concept is completely original and you’ll struggle to find anyone else who can provide their service. Retrosun saves a lot of trawling on eBay or markets just to find vintage sunglasses that have half a leg missing or a wobbly lense. 
What’s more is, Retrosun is really gaining a lot of fashion credentials; their pieces have been worn by lots of celebrities and the brand has engaged in catwalk collaborations on London Fashion Week shows – Holly Fulton is just one of the top designers they’ve worked with recently.
These Christian Dior sunglasses are perfect for the new, more modern shapes seen at top designer shows such as Victoria Beckham and DvF – despite being years old, they are totally on trend. They’re super feminine but have a dark, slightly mysterious edge – they make me thing of a young woman in her mid twenties, a conservative, twin-set-wearing library assistant by day, but girlfriend of a rock star, wearing a fringed leather jacket, by night.
I love how fashion creates different characters, but with the same person beneath.

Above: Christian Dior Cult Classic by Retrosun.


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