Restaurant Review: Balgove Larder, St Andrews

A couple of weeks ago, Mummy Daydreamer took Mr Man and I out for dinner to the steak barn at Balgove Larder in St Andrews. Balgove Larder started out as a wee farm shop and, in just a few years, has rapidly grown into a big shop with a butcher counter and now an outdoor steak barn. You know the big trend for all things rustic right now? Those places that are designed to look natural and cool, with lots of money invested to ensure the right look is achieved? Well, Balgove Larder’s steak barn is that, but without the styling; it actually is just a barn with an open grill and an oven, a bar and some wooden tables and benches. The walls are constructed of crates, stacked high, and the most decorative items are the trendy light fittings and the herb pots on the tables. It’s authetnic but totally hip. (Are the kids still saying hip?).

Anyway, mum has been dying to go all summer so we finally found a free weekend and went along. The setting sun cast a gorgeous light over the barn and, as the car tyres crunched over the dusty gravel, we could smell the steaks cooking as soon as we turned into the car park. Luckily, there was space for us (you can’t book a table, you just have to try your luck – but if you do have to wait, you can have drinks outside or browse the shop). 
The staff were great and kept us fully informed: it would be a 30 minute wait for food. Of course, we didn’t care and ordered drinks before settling on our food choices. I chose a classic cheeseburger, Mr Man a venison burger, and mum a fillet steak. Once they arrived I wished I’d ordered steak; the burger was deliciously peppery with a good helping of cheese, but man, those steaks! Oh my goodness, they were amazing. Absolutely amazing. Succulent, melt-in-your-mouth, perfectly cooked and oh-so-fresh. I’m already plannning a return trip before summer is over! That’s the only downside to the steak barn at Balgove Larder – it’s only open from Easter until September, over the summer time. So, if you haven’t been already, get down there A-SAP! 


  1. b.lindsay 28th August 2014 / 09:31

    Best steak I have eaten for years, you captured the atmosphere brilliantly too

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