Remembering Carrie Bradshaw

Can you believe that it’s been ten years since Sex and the City ended? To celebrate, here are some of my favourite Carrie outfits. If I shows you them all, I (and you) would be here all day! 
Classic Carrie – the corsage and the curls. 

I love how serene this scene is despite what she must have been feeling. 

Gorgeous then, gorgeous now.

She started many trends; clashing prints and ombré hair to name a couple.

The closest thing to office wear for Carrie. Vivienne Westwood pinstripe skirt suit. Powerful, feminine, timeless. 

And the closest thing to normal clothes: jeans, t-shirt, cardi. But always heels. 

She lost Pete, but not her shoes. (Thankfully, Pete came home unharmed). I admire her running in heels skills.

The red balloons and painted fur coat picked up at a London market…

… and the skirt that blew up with the wind before the rain came down. We’ve all experienced that day. Yep, the one when we flash our pants/squat under the hand dryer. 

One of my most favourite dresses in the world. Ever. By Oscar de la Renta. 

Arriving in Paris. Taking risks both sartorially and in life. 
Polka dots, cake and a dog – what’s not to love?
The dress in which everything happened. Plus, it’s a tutu. So Carrie, so SATC. 
Which was your favourite outfit from the show? I also adore Charlotte’s style and her gorgeous dresses. Who’s your favourite SATC girl? What was your favourite episode? 


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