Raf Simons for Christian Dior

Following the explosive departure of John Galliano from Dior last year, there has been much speculation in the fashion world about who will take over the helm at the prestigious fashion house. Finally, it was confirmed yesterday that Belgium-born fashion designer, Raf Simons, will take over. With hindsight, it might be easy to see that Simons was in line for the job that a million designers would kill for; after Galliano’s swift exit following his AW11 collection for Dior, Simons showed his last collection at Jil Sander for AW12, thus leaving him free for other work – such as the Dior position.
I am really excited to see what Raf Simons does for the house of Christian Dior. I think that the latter Dior collections by John Galliano were more Galliano than Dior, so I will be interested to see what Simons produces at the French fashion house and I hope that he brings Dior back to Dior. Of course, John Galliano is a fashion genius, but I felt that his own label and the Dior label were beginning to merge into one Galliano extravaganza and I am sure that the change will do the Christian Dior label the world of good. I get the feeling that this will be a beautiful collaboration; both the Dior label and Raf Simons are known for clean lines and simple silhouettes, which makes me think that this will be a brilliant partnership, and I am confident that Simons will be more than capable of delivering the Dior wow-factor without losing his personal style when designing.  
Like the rest of the fashion world, I will wait with bated breath to be wowed once again by Dior.  


Above: Christian Dior AW11 by John Galliano.


Above: Jil Sander AW12 by Raf Simons.

Images via Style.com


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