Playing dress-up

There has possibly never been a more useless time to try on a strapless gown but honestly, I just felt like it. I wanted to experience the feeling of glee as I pulled an enormous dress out of the wardrobe, carefully peeling it off the hanger, stepping into the bodice and sliding the zip up over my back. I mean, it’s been so long.

After a difficult winter in lockdown we have finally found our way through to a brighter time. The weather isn’t exactly living up to expectations, but it’s early days yet, and perhaps it’s just Mother Nature’s way of reminding us to take things slowly.

As I battle internally with the idea of dressing up and going out versus dressing down and staying in, I’ve been enjoying styling at home. Trying on my own clothes, wearing ‘outfits’ now and then, ordering pieces that are missing from my wardrobe, trying them on (and then subsequently returning most of them) has provided me with a sense of purpose separate to that of being a working mum. In my spare time I’ve been creating videos for Instagram and enjoying the community aspect of sharing these with my friends on the platform.

It seems trivial, superficial even, but as someone who has spent the last 14 months mostly at home, these little fashion shows have provided me with the feeling of being in control. It’s hard to explain, but many of you on Instagram have agreed to some degree. I think it probably comes back to the idea that fashion creates or solidifies a mood – joy, empowerment, romance, passion, solemnness – and allows us to express ourselves without having to actually talk about it. I know I’m in a privileged and lucky position in life, in the world, to be able to do this, and to blog my most recent try-on of this strapless gown.

Fashion and style has been my little haven, my reminder-to-self that not all hope is lost. Much like the short-lived pink of the cherry blossoms, the ten minutes spent trying on this dress lifted the spirits just enough to get me over what feels like it might be the last hurdle.

I’m wearing

Dress, Coast
Shoes, Jimmy Choo
Coat, Zara

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