Pink & Tonic

I do like a good G&T. Have done for years, it’s become my staple go-to drink when I don’t want to end up overly giddy. It’s a refreshing drink, one that is perfectly acceptable to enjoy at 4 o’clock on a sunny afternoon with a good squeeze of lime. I’m a bit fussy about gin, and prefer a Tanqueray where possible but will happy oblige a Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick’s, though you can forget the cucumber and tea set, thank you. Gin and Tonic. Like carrots and peas, they just go together. That said, some of my friends really can’t do gin; too flowery, they say. Well, my latest discovery means I might just convince them that a G&T is for them. But not as they know it.


Cue, Pinkster. At just a couple of years old, it’s a new gin. It’s decidedly British and has a slightly eccentric twist – it’s made with raspberries. Say what? Gin is made from the juniper berry (hallelujah), which gives it that distinctive, strong flavour, but Pinkster has a softer, slightly sweeter taste, which may appeal to those who aren’t fond of regular gin. As a gin fan, I found this new, wild-child gin to be very pleasant – I enjoyed my glass of Pinkster gin and tonic, though it was different to the G&Ts I’m used to. Already confused by the subtle taste, I was almost aghast at the people at Pinkster, who suggest using mint (which, apparently, needs a good spank so that you get the most out of the flavour) as opposed to lemon or lime. I’m a major lime fan, so this concept was completely alien to me, and I have to admit that I was skeptical, however – in the name of blog research – I gave it a go.




The taste was sweeter than usual and, of course, less zesty, but equally as refreshing as I was used too. I wasted no time in trying a second, for research you understand. My Pinkster gin and tonic did go down a treat but, despite the fact that there is some juniper in Pinkster (it really has to make an appearance somewhere to give that sharp ‘dryness’), I missed my flowery but zingy old friend.

I will most certainly polish off the bottle, but I think they way to drink Pinkster is with friends – I’m going to show off my chic and simple bottle of pink (yes, PINK) gin – it’ll be a great conversation starter at dinner parties – and I utterly adore the ethos and entire vibe of Pinkster. But I need my lime. #soznotsoz


Stuck for a Christmas gift? Treat someone special to a bottle of Pinkster – if they’re a gin drinker, they’ll love this kooky alternative to standard gins, and if they’re not? Well, they might well be converted.


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  1. Lori 16th December 2015 / 21:42

    I tried this at the airport recently and really enjoyed it.
    I’m a big gin fan (just a splash of tonic and a lime wedge for me) I really enjoyed the mint in this pink one though. I keep meaning to pick up a bottle x

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