Outside the sartorial comfort zone

Even though I found my personal style in my early 30s (quality tailoring, pretty dresses, jeans, fine knitwear and a lot of neutral colours primarily made up of black) I still think it’s good to try something new now and then. Occasionally, I’ll try a look that’s outside my comfort zone, something that feels a bit out of my depth. Despite that feeling of nervousness, I think it’s good to do something that scares you a little because it also brings with it a level of excitement. It’s a positive, to push your own boundaries, and fashion can be a relatively safe place to do that.

With this in mind, I thought I would try something new myself this party season. So, when I went out with my husband last week I chose a little bit of a racy number… but I felt so uncomfortable I didn’t take my scarf off once.

The idea of lingerie as outerwear itself isn’t a new one (just think of Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier and this outfit seems positively tame in comparison) but for me, it was a concept I’d never considered before. And, having now tried it out, I remember why; because I am simply not that comfortable with my body.

No matter how much I love a pretty lace bra or bodice peeping out from behind the lapel of a structured black blazer, it’s not for me. I am not at that level of body confidence, despite feeling much more comfortable in my skin than I did ten years ago. At the age of 37, I accept myself – and it’s okay not to feel comfortable with some things, whether it’s fashion or something else.

What are your thoughts? Would you wear something similar? Or is this a step too far for you too?

I’m wearing: blazer, Baukjen (gifted, currently on sale); bodice, Bravissimo; bag Accessorize; feather necklace, Lily Blanche (gifted); dragonfly necklace, Alex Monroe; hoop ring, Monica Vinader; watch, Rotary at Livingston Designer Outlet (purchased with a voucher as part of a paid collaboration); bracelet, a gift for my 16th birthday). 

Location: Apex Hotel Dundee.

Images: Kris Miller.


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  1. Sandra Ludlam 16th December 2019 / 11:55

    A huge step too far for me . You looked beautiful but if you feel self conscious then not for you ♥️♥️♥️

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