Outfit Post: Safari Chic x Office Wear

So, I blogged about safari chic on Monday, basically explaining that I tend to buy safari-inspired pieces only to return them due to my lack of real safari adventures. In the post, I went on to suggest how to do safari chic in real life (as opposed to actually being on safari) and I must have subconsciously inspired myself – as I left the house yesterday morning, Mr Man exclaimed, “Hey, you’re wearing safari!”

I was so pleased with a) myself, for this fabulous, unplanned turn of sartorial events and b) Mr Man, for two reasons: 1. reading my blog and 2. noticing my outfit. Isn’t he a darling? There were gold stars being dished out all round the Miller house yesterday. 
In my excitement I asked my dear friend Claire to take some photos on our lunch break, so that I could share the safari outfit with you (thanks Claire!). I picked up this dress for £25 at Sainsbury’s (it’s now on sale, grr) and, as much as I would never dare to wear zebra, the print is softened by the flared, knee length skirt and high neckline – so I snapped it up during the weekly shop, making a mundane chore way more exciting. I highly recommend shopping at a supermarket with clothing/accessories, you achieve so much  more.
With the dress I wore these rather mums-y* but super comfy wedges, which are good for adding height without leaving aching feet after a day of running around at work. I grabbed my faithful tangerine Zara tote (it gets so much love over on Instagram) from last summer – £22.99 I must add – and my Nicole Farhi sunglasses which, until last week, had a leg missing and so, until now, have been inside a drawer all summer. The gold of my faithful watch (circa 2007, the day/date don’t sync but still, good going, yes?) brought some shine and, had I had more time to consider this post fully, I’d have finished the look with a black belt. Or maybe not, I can’t really decide. I’m thinking a belt in a natural material would be better, but can’t quite place exactly what would work best. Wait, no – must remember I’m not actually on safari, so a black belt will be fine. 

Anyway, I guess I met the Safari Chic In Real Life challenge. What do you think? And do you wear safari for not going on safari? Tell me in the comments below or Tweet me @The_Daydreamer_. Remember to include a snap!

* this term is so not relevant any more, don’t you think? There are hot mums everywhere right now, from K-Middy and Jessica Alba to my besties Candice and Nic.

Dress: Tu at Sainsburys (similar here)
Bag: Zara (past season but similar here)
Watch: Accurist (past season but similar here)
Sunglasses: Nicole Farhi at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh (past season but similar here)
Shoes: New Look (past season but similar here)
Beauty Note: Pedicure by Sleeping Beauty in Edinburgh 


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