Outfit Post: Blue Jeans Quest

I hate it when I have to go jeans shopping. Especially blue jeans shopping. You know when your favourite pair of jeans start to fray, or lose shape in the knee, or whatever it is that makes you need a new pair, and you just know it’s time to look for a new pair? That moment of realisation makes me shudder because, quite simply, jeans don’t fit me.

I can usually find a black or indigo jean to suit me. Maybe this is because an older market buys these colours and therefore fit is more of a priority in the design process, whereas pale or blue jeans evoke the notion of a younger generation and thus fit becomes less important. I don’t know. What i do know is that, in comparison to my hips, my waist is small; so I need a high waist to ensure my jeans don’t slide down over said hips (suitable for a dozen child births). Likewise, I need plenty of space in the bottom and in the upper thigh area to avoid unsightly stretching or creasing (less obvious in darker colours) but I still want a slim fit. One final problem: the denim wash. I hate blue jeans that are too faded out. I like a block denim with minimal bleaching but, sadly, this has been the fashion for many, many years and finding an all over blue seems almost impossible. 

In the past, I’ve had success with Oasis and Jasper Conran at Debenhams. Most recently, I found high waisted skinny jeans in New Look, which I’ve pictured here. They’re great because they have a cotton blend, allowing for comfort and movement, avoiding the dreaded too-tight, too-stiff denim syndrome, which nips at my ample inner thighs – but the length is an issue: because of my short legs (my body is longer) I need jeans to elongate my leg by finishing past the ankle. Again, the current trend for ankle grazing lengths makes finding long length jeans on the high street a bit of an issue.

I don’t think I’m alone in my endless quest for the perfect blue jeans, so I decided to blog about it. In doing so, I’ve come to the realisation that maybe I won’t ever find the perfect blue jeans on the high street. Maybe it’s time to invest in my jeans? Maybe it’s time to look at premium brands such as Acne (as worn by Scottish model and professional BABE Nieve Jennings) or J Brand or Paige Denim. But where to start? And all these different numbers for sizing! Waist in inches, length in inches. The maths scares me and yet it’s obviously the key to finding the right jeans. 

Via Twitter, I got chatting to Selina (@SJ_Selina) who swears by Donna Ida. Donna Ida (@Donnaidadenim) is a go-to denim brand featured in magazines such as Vogue. Anything Vogue says goes, natch. 

It turns out Donna Ida has a “denim clinic”. I’m praying to the denim gods that they are able to diagnose and cure my blue jean blues. 

Top: Oasis
Jeans: New Look
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana
Necklaces: Azuni, Alex Monroe (dragonfly)
Rings: various picked up on the high street, heart ring from Jewel in St Andrews
Bag: Oasis (it’s amazing because it works three ways – boxy with handles, slouchy with long strap, oversize clutch. I keep everything in the slouchy part and transfer into whichever bag I’m using).
Shoes: Next

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  1. Tamara Agarwal 16th August 2014 / 20:30

    I have those same fit problems! Please let me know if you find any good ones, or which ones to avoid. I have had good luck with AG jeans. I have a couple of pairs of their Prima fit. I’m tall though, 5’10”, so rise, etc. might be a little different.

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