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Despite never feeling particularly maternal (I’ve always preferred puppies to babies!), I knew I wanted kids one day. In my dream life, I’d have five boys running around an old farmhouse. In my actual life, I have one beautiful boy and he’s more than enough for me.

When we found out our IVF treatment had worked, we were over the moon – but we were also afraid to ‘jinx’ it, so we didn’t really talk about the future with our baby. Which meant we didn’t really prepare for his arrival until a couple of months before he was born, and the pram was the first thing we bought (thanks mum).

Part of the dream I had for my future family was a Silver Cross. So this was the only brand we looked at in depth when shopping, and we chose the Wayfarer Chelsea for its stylish design as much as its intermediate size. I had heard so many good things about it and I did absolutely love it in the early stages – it was perfect. But as the baby got bigger and heavier (that happens a lot sooner than you expect), the pram quickly became more cumbersome. As someone who walks a lot, this was a major issue.

Rewind to our trip to Oxford in the summer: we ended up using my sister-in-law’s old Out ‘n’ About pram to save us carting ours down south. I was incredulous at how light it was in comparison to my oh-so-pretty but clunky Silver Cross. The dynamics were completely different; the Out ‘n’ About was made of fabric, constructed in a kind of hammock style rather than the more solid plastic of the Silver Cross, and it had three big air-filled tyres instead of four plastic ones. Husband and I were so impressed by it that as soon as we got home I emailed the company to say I’d be keen to collaborate with them – I wanted to share their product with my readers and friends, so many of whom have just had or are about to have babies of their own. Of course, I was beyond delighted when they agreed, and the excitement in our house when our own Out ‘n’ About Nipper Single arrived was palpable.

In fact, I was so excited that I opened the box immediately and built the pram myself. Those who know me will understand the magnitude of this situation – I am most definitely not a DIY type and I would most definitely pay someone to build flat-pack furniture, so I don’t have to. So hopefully this gives an indication of how desperate I was to have a pram that moved easily and seamlessly, making walking fun again.

I set to work expecting to fail, but the instructions were clear; the pram was built in under half an hour, and it was simple and easy. We impatiently waited for Daddy to get home from work and the four of us (him, me, the baby and the dog) went striding off to road test our very own Out ‘n’ About Nipper. And guess what? There was no stopping to navigate curbs, no getting stuck in gutters, no awkward turns. It was a breeze, and it even fits neatly into the boot of my wee car.

Obviously, being a lifestyle blogger and self-confessed shopaholic, I’m superficial to a certain degree. I like nice things, and I like things to look nice. Inevitably, this trait of mine probably influenced my thoughts when browsing prams. In my defence, it’s so hard to know what to look for when you’re spending big bucks on something you’ve never needed before. That’s why I wrote this blog post, to say that it’s hard, and I don’t honestly think there’s a single pram out there that ticks all the boxes. Please, if you’re having a baby, definitely consider this pram. If you’ve already had yours, did you had a similar experience? If so, I’d recommend having this as a second pram, if your budget allows.

Despite not being part of the family dream, the Out ‘n’ About Nipper is most definitely a dream to use.

The Out ‘n’ About Nipper Single is just £340 (cheap compared with most prams – my original pram, which we still have, was £695) and you can buy loads of accessories including a carry cot and a support for newborns, a foot muff and handlebar muffs for the colder months (on my shopping list), an extra basket, car seat adapters, and so much more.

I’m Wearing: trousers, TK MAXX; cashmere jumper, John Lewis (honestly, you need this jumper in your life – so soft and warm), hat, Bobbl at M Boutique; trainers, Superga.

He’s Wearing: knitted dungarees and t-shirt, Mothercare (sold out); hat, handmade by a friend.

Location: Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

Images: Kris Miller.


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  1. Barbara Lindsay 26th October 2017 / 18:45

    Did like the first Silver Cross but do love a pumped up wheel so this is perfect for now!

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