One Stop Shop: Jimmy Choo

I can remember buying my first pair of Jimmy Choos like it was yesterday. It was 2005 (or 2006?) and I was on vacation in the States with my boyfriend and our families. I insisted, right before we were due to leave for the airport to go home, that I simply had to visit the Jimmy Choo store. My Mum took me (she knew I wouldn’t budge from US soil until I’d had my JC spree) and we over-indulged in trying on a variety of styles and colours, although the heel height never waivered – I love a skyscraper! In the end, I chose a very pale green sandal with tiny studs on the toe straps, and her name was Jackie.
I remember the pleasure of swinging my Jimmy Choo store bag as I skipped outside. I remember the delight from buying shoes that came safely bundled in a soft dustbag, and the now familiar scent of the Italian leather. I also remember the absolute shock on my boyfriend’s face when he saw that the soles were also leather, and then how impressed he was with the craftmanship and attention to detail that had gone into my Jimmy Choos. He has never argued with me since about paying the somewhat higher prices for designer shoes; he totally understands and accepts that they are simply better.
Ever since then, I’ve been a huge Jimmy Choo fan, and their current collections do not disappoint. The SS10, the Cruise and 24:7 collections are divine. Within these collections, you’ll find a shoe for every occasion. Need a great office shoe? Check. A strappy sandal? Check. A flat pump? Check. A bridal shoe? Check.
Every style imaginable is available with a quick swipe of plastic or at the click of a button at Slingbacks, platforms, wedges, wooden heels, peep-toes, courts, flats, mules, boots, ankle boots, shoe-boots! You want patent? JC has it! You want fabric? JC has it! You want metallics, or skin? JC has it! You name it, Jimmy Choo’s got it.
I don’t know what else to say. Jimmy Choo is perfect.

Jimmy Choo Zest in black – the trendiest shoe around for SS10.
image: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Finlay – the perfect flat for day or evening.
image: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Lovely – the ultimate career court.
image: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Glenys – the failsafe gladiator sandal in petrol blue – a great alternative to black.
image: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Quinze – my favourite shoe ever for SS10! Totally self indulgent: one part glamazon, one part sex, two parts fabulous.
image: Jimmy Choo

For all you shoe-a-holics out there, check out Tiffany Wright’s blog, The Stiletto Diaries. Tiffany is attempting to wear a different pair of shoes every day this year. That’s 365 pairs of shoes!!! Ah. Heaven.


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  1. b.lindsay 8th May 2010 / 17:05

    Jimmy Choo Quinze, now that is a shoe, or perhaps a vehicle to transform one’s mode of travel. I can imagine gliding forth in these to meet George (Clooney) but sadly, in reality I know I would break my neck! That was some holiday, just as well you had your savings!

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