One For The Boys

I was out running yesterday and was thinking of my perfect running outfit. When I got to thinking about footwear, I began to feel annoyed about spending money on some fancy runners – I mean, I’m a shoe gal, but I’d rather spend money on statement heels or pretty flats! This led my train of thought onto men’s footwear, and how, generally, they wear flats all the time. (Save for the occasional Nicholas Sarkozy’s of the world, or the fabulous Bryan Boy working it in wedges). 
This in turn made me think about men’s fashion and that I don’t really look at the menswear collections very often. That said, neither does my boyfriend, who prefers to wear sportswear and surfwear, choosing labels such as Quicksilver, Fat Face, Abercrombie and The North Face. So I decided to do a post just for him and his relaxed style. And then, when I asked him if there was only one place he could shop again, where would it be, he surprised me by saying a tailor on Saville Row. 
It seems that after almost ten years, I’m still learning things about Mr Man. Perhaps I should pay more attention to the men’s collections after all!

The North Face Spring/Summer 2010 Collection – a staple in Mr Man’s wardrobe.
Images courtesy of The North Face. Stockist:

Aquascutum London Menswear Spring Summer 2010Mr Man’s secret sartorial fantasy.
Images courtesy of Aquascutum.

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