Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


As far as I’m concerned, Christmas time starts on the 1st December and not a day before. Seeing the first of the month appear on the calendar means I can officially enjoy the festive period, from hearing (and accepting) Michael Buble’s album in shops to arranging champagne with friends (though not this year, admittedly).

By the second weekend in December I’m ready to decorate the house with fairy lights and holly and candles, and choose a Christmas tree. Personally, I love a real tree. It feels more magical somehow and I relish the moment when we set off to find our perfect match. Perhaps it’s the smell of fresh pine, or the feeling of ‘adopting’ one tree out of many waiting for a home. I’m not sure what it is that makes is so special, but I love it. The Christmas tree outing is a fast becoming a tradition within our home.

To decorate, it’s white lights, no tinsel, a variety of glass, gold and red baubles, with trinkets and characters given to me by Mummy Daydreamer over the years (she buys me a new decoration every Christmas). To finish? A gold star, a sign of hope and purpose – the perfect way to say goodbye to one year and hello to a new one.





What kind of tree do you like at Christmas? I’d love to hear how you decorate yours. White or colourful lights? Tinsel, or no? Share with me in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.


I’m Wearing: coat, Monsoon; jumper, Next; scarf, gift from Mummy Daydreamer; maternity jeans, Next; boots, UGG.

Images: Kris Miller


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  1. Barbara 17th December 2016 / 17:48

    I just learnt today that my twigs are actually a Trig tree! Warm white lights, glass and ornaments from years past with a big star bought from Woolworths around 32 years ago!

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