Non-Model Gladiators

For the past 2 summers, I’ve been looking for flat sandals which give a nod to fashion, but are also comfortable for walking in without compromising on style. After trying on gladiator sandal after gladiator sandal, I decided that my legs are too short to carry them off well. Gladiator sandals always have straps around the ankles and here in lies the problem – ankle-straps are not a good look for little legs, which are on the fat side of chubby. I always despair when I see girls who insist on tapping into trends, but don’t think about their own body shape in accordance with the trend, and let’s face it, unless we’re supermodels we’re not going to pull off every single trend the fashion gods throw our way. Take the trend, and work it to suit your own style.
So, I gave up looking for the perfect flat sandal and decided that flat, comfy shoes would have to come as flip-flops or ballerina pumps. I was annoyed though, because flip-flops are not office-appropriate, and ballerina pumps are not always the right style for a particular look. I accepted this footwear dilemma and moved on.
To Next, last month, where I found these! The sandals by high street favourite, Next, are perfect, exactly what I was after. The choice of tan works with everything and the leather straps are so soft, and the sole so cushioned, that I honestly don’t feel as though I’m wearing any kind of shoe. They feel so, so good, yet also look so, so good – a difficult combination to find. The best part? The open ankle with sling-back. These chubby legs just got that bit slimmer. 🙂



Above: leather sandals by Next (£35), navy leggings by Next, nail polish Take Me To The Dehli by OPI (about two years old from the Indian Summer collection), toe-ring a gift from my Uncle in Australia, around 8 years ago.


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  1. b.lindsay 18th May 2011 / 09:59

    Like the sandals…off to visit Next too! I am also very partial to the nail polish colour, just the thing for summer!

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