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I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while… to be honest, life has been really hectic these past 10 days and I also haven’t felt particularly inspired by anything, other than some gorgeous sunsets, which I haven’t had the time to stop and really take it in. Sometimes I forget how beautiful a place I live in, by the sea, and it’s good to soak it up sometimes. I will do more of this very soon.
In the meantime, my friend Nicki ignited my magpie flame this weekend when she wore a dress which she customised herself only hours before. She bought a couple of discounted alice bands with crystal detailing, which she deconstructed and then sewed onto her black dress. A quick and easy way to instantly update last season’s LBD! She has always been like this, sewing and fixing our girlfriends’ sartorial mishaps and tangled jewellery, pinning brooches to old platforms for a change of foot scenery, painting shoe heels to get one last wear out of them… I think she should start commissioning!

Above: Nic’s customised dress / shoulder detail.

Above: beautiful Nicola.

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  1. Betty Bombshell 15th December 2010 / 13:23

    Great idea! May have to steal it! I’m similar to your pal – I remember sewing felt flowers on to a dress for my 18th birthday and then when I was a few years older, and the dress was a bit short, I cut it down into a top! Had it for years!

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