New season, new lingerie

I seem to be getting my kit off a lot lately, don’t I? Such a strange thing, the older you get the more comfortable you become in your own skin. That, or it’s something to do with giving less f*cks!

Anyway, one thing that makes me feel more confident with my clothes on is wearing good underwear. Having undies that fit properly (and for me, that means lifting, sucking, holding, supporting) makes an enormous difference to how I feel when I’m dressed. Recently, I’ve been wondering why I’ve not been liking my reflection despite my (mostly) healthy lifestyle and I realised, it’s because I’ve been wearing the same bras for years, and they’ve lost their shape a bit I guess. You know how you always go back to your favourites? I think this is especially the case the bigger your boobs are… anyway, this lingerie set arrived from Fantasie last week and it fits like a dream as well as looking and feeling utterly gorgeous. How nice it is to wear something pretty that doesn’t itch, scratch, ride up, dig in, or fall apart, allowing me to get dressed knowing my clothes will look their best while I’m feeling my best.

I’m wearing

Pippa bra and briefs, Fantasie (gifted for this project)
Cardigan, Jaki London (gifted last year for a previous project)



  1. Sandra Ludlam 22nd September 2021 / 10:32

    Beautiful set. Matching sets look lovely xx

  2. Mrs Barbara Lindsay 25th September 2021 / 08:40

    Looks amazing, though I always go for plain colours so not too obvious under garments!

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