Nails Inc Gel Effect SS15

NailsIncChilternSt1The demand for new nail products increases constantly following the various effects (denim, leather, 3D, etc, etc) that have become available on the market, while the fight for the trendiest nail is a never ending quest for anyone with a) some free time each week and b) a disposable income.

Nails Inc is often at the forefront of the latest trends and collaborations and their most recent offering doesn’t disappoint. The Gel Effect polishes are already on the market, but the brand new Spring/Summer colours are available this month.  The Gel Effect polish looks like any other Nails Inc polish but it claims to give that super glossy, long lasting effect that can usually only be achieved with a gel. But, get this: there’s no UV lamp or soak off.

This suits me just find because, personally, I’m not a fan of gel nail polish. Firstly, I get bored – after three days I want to change the colour, and often to match my outfit (yes, really). Secondly, I find it damages the condition of my nails (not drastically, but enough to put me off). In addition, gel nails should be applied and removed professionally to get the best results and this can become costly when maintaining gel polish. When I heard about the Gel Effect range, I jumped at the chance to review it!

My favourite colour in the new SS15 collection is this sugary pink hue, Chiltern Street. The polish is nice and thick (the brush could use a little slimming down to allow for the creamy texture) and two coats covers the nails fully in colour. For a pastel shade, Chiltern Street is pretty bold and, having tried Old Park Lane (a punchy peach) it would seem that all of the spring colours are strong, almost paint-like: I assume that this combination of pigment and density is what gives it that “gel” look we so love. Another contributing factor is the shine; I didn’t even have to apply a top coat to achieve a glossy finish and this never happens. I’m pretty anal about the gloss of a nail and would rather go without polish than apply a nail colour without top coat (it’s like curling your lashes but not putting on mascara. Eh? Say what?). BUT, with the Gel Effect I would be okay without the top coat (only if I was in a rush, otherwise this is still unacceptable nail behaviour).

All in all? I love Nails Inc Gel Effect! Nails Inc has delivered an excellent product that says what it does on the tin, with no false promises and no dramas. This is a strong nine out of ten. I’m not entirely convinced on the Barbie-ish colour palette for this spring, but I will definitely be making a Gel Effect purchase in the best selling shade (and one of my favourites alongside Victoria), Black Taxi.

NailsIncChilternSt3Colours available in the Nails Inc Gel Effect Spring/Summer collection include yellow, aqua, cobalt, peach, coral, soft pink (featured above), nude and black, but you can find more classic colours such as Grosvenor Crescent (aubergine) and Beaufort Street (raspberry) too. The Gel Effect polishes are priced at £15 each.


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