My Shoes

I thought I’d share my shoes with readers of The Daydreamer, so here they are. I picked out some of my favourites to show close ups/details. Let me tell you, I was surprised to learn I only had 16 pairs! Having said that, I didn’t include flats or boots and I cleared out a whole heap of shoes I never wear last year. Always gotta make room for new shoes, right?

Above: group shot of my heels.

Above: my first ever Choos.

Above: old favourites.

Above: every girl needs a pair of black platform peep-toes.

Above: summer sizzlers.

Above: a high street surprise – cheap and fabulous.

Above: Beatrix Ong does conservative Jasmine from Aladdin!

Above: nude patent platforms… hooker vs Park Avenue princess.

Above: silver D’Orsays, originally for being bridesmaid, now for cheering up an otherwise dull day.

Above: ruby slippers in velvet and lace.

Above: Italian sandals… flamboyant yet classic. As always.



  1. minnie 16th January 2011 / 20:24

    aw so gorgeous sweetie!!!! you have to take me shoe shopping!… :))

  2. minnie 16th January 2011 / 20:25

    its Trudy by the way! lol… xx

  3. candicedempster 18th January 2011 / 16:19

    I miss wearing heels!! (pregnancy) They complete any outfit and make you feel fabulous!! XX

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