Violetta Palak is a Polish artist based in Dundee. She graduated from the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and has exhibited her work in Poland, Portugal and England. Tomorrow, she launches her Scottish debut at Freedom Hair salon. From 7 pm, you can view her Musicology collection, the inspiration for which developed from Jazz, Funk and Bossa Nova. The juxtaposition of her bright versus neutral colour palette is intriguing and makes me curious to know the story behind the painting. Violetta’s style is dynamic; her use of acrylics and confident brush strokes give an intensity to the paintings which is bound to draw her audience into each and every piece.
Pop down to Freedom Hair tomorrow night to celebrate the launch of the exhibit with the artist herself. Wine and nibbles will be available, along with discounts for savvy Thursday night shoppers. Sounds like a perfect evening to me. 

Above: Violetta Palak’s soulful Musicology exhibition. Go see it.
With thanks to Violetta for the images.


  1. Anonymous 30th November 2011 / 16:18

    Great stuff Violetta ! Go gurl !

  2. lifethroughmy4eyes 30th November 2011 / 18:05

    Those are fantastic. I had the great pleasure to see some of her work in Portugal! Thank you for posting this! Parabéns Violetta!

  3. pauline 30th November 2011 / 18:17

    Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing this Christina. Well done Violet – fab paintings x

  4. bartek 30th November 2011 / 19:04

    so excited! can’t wait till tomorrow!

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