Mulberry Madness

On Friday, I bought a Mulberry Bayswater! I am too excited for words, so let me just explain the background to help you understand my OTT hyper mood!
In 2006, at the height of the It-bag frenzy, I fell in love with the Mulberry Roxanne. I coveted that bag for months and months and months and months and when I visited the Mulberry store and held one in my hands, I just knew I had to have a Mulberry bag one day. In the same way that I had felt about Jimmy Choos between 2000 and buying my first pair, I just knew that I had to have some Mulberry leather in my closet.
Soon after the Roxanne episode, I realised that for over £500 I should invest in a Mulberry classic rather than a trend led design, so I decided on the Bayswater in a neutral colour. Almost five years later, I now have said Mulberry Bayswater, in chocolate leather, dust bag and all!
My Bayswater was part gift from my Godparents for my graduation, part gift to myself for my love of fine craftsmanship. Lucky for me, I also discovered Bicester Village in Oxford, where they sell mainline pieces at discounted prices.
The instant high was a result of actually taking my chosen Bayswater to the sales assistant, and saying, “I’ll take this one, please.”  I had finally purchased my investment piece from Mulberry, which not only felt good in terms of investment fashion and longevity, but it felt wonderful to mark the very special experience of graduating from university. What’s even better is that my excitement for my Bayswater will never fade – this bag will be in my closet for years to come, until it’s a fine vintage piece which might one day be passed on to a daughter of my own, so that she can tell the story of her fashion-loving mother who celebrated graduation by going ever so slightly mad and treating herself to a very, very, special handbag from a very, very, special British design house.
Mulberry Bayswater in tan leather.
Image courtesy of Mulberry.
Outside the Mulberry store at Bicester Village following my long awaited purchase!
My Mulberry Bayswater in classic chocolate leather.

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