Meaningful jewellery with Lily Blanche

When Lily Blanche Jewellery reached out to work with me for a second time, I was thrilled because I absolutely loved our last collaboration. The Lily Blanche collections are gorgeous, and I love my feather necklace and the sentiment behind it.

For this project I chose the sapphire charm and hamsa hand 18 carat gold vermeil bangle. The hamsa hand is universally known for bringing the wearer protection, and in some faiths and religions it represents strength, female fertility, good fortune, particularly in the Middle East. I love that it’s a symbol of female empowerment and protection, that it’s delicate and pretty but powerful despite its subtle design. It’s beautifully offset by the deep blue of the sapphire, a colour I find myself continually drawn to.

If you’re on the hunt for a meaningful gift for someone special, have a little look around the Lily Blanche website, where you’ll find lots of lovely jewellery which includes lockets, memory keepers, charms, and birthstones, as well as a sign up for early access to the Black Friday sale.

Sapphire charm and hamsa hand gold bracelet by Lily Blanche Jewellery (pr gift).


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