MATT & NAT is a fashion label dedicated to the environment. The brand’s ethos is to create beautiful bags that have a positive impact, while being 100% cruelty free. MATT & NAT don’t use any animal products whatsoever when creating their line of handbags, and their website claims that veganism has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to fight global warming.
Not only are the outer parts of the bags and wallets animal friendly, but the linings are too – these are made from recycled plastic bottles and on average, they recycle 21 water bottles for each bag lining. This year, they also introduced cork labelling inside their bags, which is sustainable to the environment and actually pretty cool visually.
The bags themselves are minimalistic in design – some are almost utilarian, while some veer towards boho – but what really makes this label special is the craftsmanship and focus on hidden details.
What’s more is that every so often, MATT & NAT will donate bags to women’s shelters around Montreal, feed the homeless people of Montreal a vegetarian meal and will also throw products out of their office windows to loyal MATT & NAT fans.

It’s not often you find a cool brand, with even cooler morals.


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