Luxe Lounging

I wish I had a chaise longue. I would lounge on it regularly, I’m sure. I imagine wearing a long robe made of pure silk, over vintage underwear and slipper heels decorated with marabou feathers. (The only time these are acceptable). I would have the chaise longue in my dressing room,  along with a dressing table and pretty, ornate lamps. Sparkling evening gowns would hang on padded satin hangers and lace-edged slips would be draped over a dressing screen. Mr Man would surprise me with chocolate dipped strawberries and I would lie back on my chaise longue, reading Fragments while listening to Songbird by Eva Cassidy. There would be a fluffy white cat purring in the corner, sitting atop a stack of Vogues and peonies, almost passed their best, would start to drop their feathers onto the white window sill.
Life as a daydreamer can be fun. Have you tried it?
Chaise Longue by House of Bath, £299.95
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