Lash Dash

I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and dark skin (when it sees the sun). Therefore, in theory, you might think this combination would also include long, luscious eye lashes. Well, you’d be wrong. My lashes are actually quite fair, so, until my YSL False Lash Effect mascara in black is applied, my lashes are short. Of course, I have the tools of the trade – aforementioned mascara, MAC eyelash curlers and MAC false lashes – but these are “aggressors” which can break and damage eyelashes, in the same way heat and styling can damage your hair. I don’t leave the house without curling and applying Yves Saint Laurent (is it weird I also love the fragrance of this mascara?) because otherwise, my lashes disappear and my eyes resemble those of Tiny Eyes (aka Grayson) from Cougar Town.
To make matters worse, my three gorgeous best friends all have super long, super thick lashes. They apply a modest slick of any old mascara, and WHAM!, their lashes are long enough and thick enough to lift them off the ground when fluttered.
I used to be a step ahead. I got myself some individual MAC lashes, and my fluttering friends didn’t even realise, just said how gorgeous my eyes looked. I thought, “Aha! I’ve fooled them!”, so went one step further with a full set of MAC falsies. Unfortunately, my new lashes didn’t go unnoticed as planned. I eventually had to confess, and now my friends wear false lashes too. Which takes me back to square 1. Or, if they wear their false lashes and I don’t, square -1.
But now I have another secret – Rapid Lash. This serum (from the States, of course) has been clinically proven to help promote healthy, natural lashes (and eyebrows) and does so in the space of only eight weeks of (religious) application! Potent Polypeptides and vitamins help to repair damage and promote growth, and at £39.99, this magic serum is affordable. Rapid Lash is available exclusively at now and at Boots stores from 14th July. However, the Daily Mail reported yesterday that the waiting list for Rapid Lash is already at 800!
I for one will not let 800 fellow lash shorties get in the way of catching up with my lashful friends!

image: Kilpatrick PR

image: MAC Cosmetics


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