Lash Brush, Shavata


The lovely team at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh sent me this compact little lash brush by Shavata (eyebrow guru extraordinaire) last week and, already, I’m obsessed! I’ve been using it after applying my mascara to really fan my lashes out and avoid the dreaded mascara lump. The Shavata lash brush is nice and bushy so really grabs hold of each tiny lash and separates each one, gently pulling your mascara right along the lash to give a really good lengthening and fanning effect. What makes this little brush an important beauty bag item in addition to your mascara and standard wand is the fact that it’s completely clean and unclogged; the brush actually brushes the lashes rather than applying the product, which can leave lashes heavy and clumpy, especially towards the end of your mascara when the wand has been jammed in and out of the tube so many times. Using the brush means your lashes stay smooth whether you’re at the start or the end of your mascara, and your lashes look really natural even with a few coats of mascara. The Shavata Lash brush will be a good investment for ladies with lash extensions too – a quick upwards brush in the morning will ensure any stray lashes are kept in check (there’s nothing worse than a lash extension poking your eyeball – ouch!) and, at just £15, it’s definitely worth adding to your beauty basket.






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