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I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of luxury perfumer Jo Malone and the beautiful, luxury products (local women reached new heights of hysteria when a stand alone boutique opened in St Andrews last year) but did you know that the quintessentially British brand offers complimentary hand and arm massages to prospective customers? Yes! Free treatments from Jo Malone, for everyone! Using the famously high end Jo Malone products, the staff will talk you through the different products and scents. (Let me tell you, they know their stuff – Gary, the Manager in the St Andrews store, knew every single scent in the store. There must be over 70 different fragrances, no kidding! That’s dedication and commitment for you, and I hope Jo Malone knows how fabulous an employee they have in Gary).

Anyway….. Each season brings a different vibe, and throughout July the focus is on ‘A Moment For You’. Time is a luxury these days, so ‘A Moment For You’ is the perfect mantra for taking some time out of your busy schedule to treat yourself at Jo Malone for some serious self-indulgence followed by even more serious shopping. That’s exactly what Mummy Daydreamer and I did on Saturday; decaf skinny flat whites at Mitchell’s followed by a glass of champagne and an enlightening hour spent in the beautiful surroundings of Jo Malone.

Gary began our treatment with the Geranium and Walnut scrub, which is very coarse but doesn’t damage the skin; it’s a product to really get the job done, so if dry or dull skin is a concern then you’ll love this. There are actually particles of four different types of walnuts and – my goodness – it smells good enough to eat! (Gary also told us that it’s the best thing ever for getting rid of stubborn fake tan, a great tip at this time of year.) During our treatment, Gary explained that the bath and body oils have the potential to do two jobs; one as a moisturiser when applied to dry skin, and second as a body wash when lathered into a milky texture in the shower. To moisturise after showering, Gary advised us to use the Jo Malone crèmes as they are also oil based, which really ensures the skin will absorb the moisture (as opposed to water based products – your skin already contains water so it acts as a repellent, whereas oil is easily stripped away and so the skin is often thirsty for more). Lastly, each cologne is also oil based, so they last longer than your average alcohol based fragrances, and – something I hadn’t realised – Jo Malone products can even be blended to create your very own bespoke fragrance.

During our visit to the St Andrews Jo Malone store, Mum and I discovered our new favourite fragrance; Dark Amber and Gingerlily. One of the more expensive products, Dark Amber and Gingerlily is part of the Cologne Intense range and comes as a cologne and a candle, so both you and your home will smell divine…. Talking of different types of scent, Jo Malone can provide a scented inspiration for brides. So, you can book your appointment in store to discuss the different types of fragrance on offer for brides, and then choose your favourite to create that perfectly romantic atmosphere on your big day. What’s more, you can add certain notes to make the wedding scent more perfume focussed, so that you can wear the same fragrance notes, but tailored to suit you as a perfume. And, after the success of your wedding day, the smell of your perfume will hold those special memories, forever reminding you of that special day every time you wear it.

There’s so much more than pretty products to be discovered at Jo Malone. Next time you’re in St Andrews (or near another Jo Malone boutique) do make sure you book in for a glass of champagne and arm massage, and hopefully you can invest in some of the beautiful products too. It’s a gorgeous way to spend a couple of hours, either as a treat with a friend (or bridesmaids, if you are getting married) or simply as a moment, just for you.













With thanks to Jo Malone, St Andrews for having us.


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