Jimmy Choo Fan, 24:7

As you have probably guessed by now, I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Choo shoes. Tamara Mellon has taken the brand from a one-man shop to a global empire and following the success of the Jimmy Choo shoe, handbag and sunglasses lines, she added Jimmy Choo 24:7 (“the perfect shoe wardrobe”) and most recently, fragrance. Now, Mellon has seized the opportunity to develop the Jimmy Choo 24:7 line into a handbag collection to act as must-have, staple bags for our wardrobes. Like the 24:7 shoes, the 24:7 handbags will provide classic pieces to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, taking you anywhere from the office to the bar to St Barts.
It doesn’t take much twisting of my arm where Jimmy Choo is concerned, and this collection is no different. These bags are divine. And I’m not just saying that – they actually are divine. Top of my list? The luggage. I can actually see myself pulling the leopard Terence along behind my Jimmy Choo Logans, oversize stripy Prada sunhat bouncing with every stride towards the escalator. 
St Bart’s, you ask? Hell no, I’m just on my way to Sainsburys for the weekly shop.

Handbags by Jimmy Choo 24:7
Images courtesy of Jimmy Choo, with thanks.

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