On Saturday night, I danced the night away at the masquerade ball at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews (separate post to come later). On Sunday, I went to pick up my car and took the opportunity to a bit of last minute Christmas shopping (yes, I am all organised this year!) before  visiting Mr Man’s Granny, who spoiled me with a gorgeous pashmina and yummy caramel shortbread.
I got something for Mr Man, something for Mum and something for me. You see,  a few weeks ago, I had visited a new boutique in St Andrews, Jewel, in which I found a gorgeous heart shaped ring. I didn’t buy it, thinking I had enough jewellery (can this be true of any woman?!) and the ring has been on my mind ever since. I popped by Jewel yesterday and decided that if the ring was still there, it was fate. Guess what? The ring and I were meant to be – I bought it yesterday with no hesitation! A Christmas gift to me, from me. Every time I look at the delicate silver heart, I will remember to always love myself, because this is the only way that others can love you too.

Top: Jewel store front.
Bottom: my silver ring.
Visit Jewel’s Facebook page here.
It’s a great page with lots of information
and photograhs of the boutique – then visit Jewel!

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