Inbetween Dreams

I first met Eunice Olumide at Stirling Castle for the Scottish Fashion Awards a few years ago. She was standing with Charlie Taylor (yes, the hair guru) who said to me, “This girl is going to be famous.”
Eunice is working hard both nationally and internationally, and when she sent me these shots I instantly fell in love with them. There’s something very surreal about them, I think mostly due to the lighting, but the serenity of Eunice’s expressions, the white horse and dress in juxtaposition with her dark skin and hair, and the bright sun in the clear blue sky with the crisp white snow all contribute to creating a beautiful and fantastical shoot.
I thought the scene was a perfect reflection of this strange time in Britain when the weather is stuck somewhere inbetween winter and summer, undecided as to whether it will be the sun that splits the pavements, or the hail stones. Not great for choosing what to wear, but wonderful inspiration nonetheless.

Model – Eunice at Colours
Photographer – Darran Barton
Hair – Doveteam
Styling – Re:markabale


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