How my style has changed from 30 to 36

This time of year sees the magical blooming of the cherry blossom trees at Dawson Park and each April (or May, depending on our Scottish weather) I drag my husband along for photos. It’s a tradition that began when I was approaching the end of my 30th year in 2014, and we’ve done it ever since.

Of course, in six years quite a lot has changed. I’ve gone from thinking I’d like a family, to struggling to conceive, to suddenly being a mum of two. I’ve moved from being a PA, which I liked but didn’t love, to working for a leading Scottish University’s communications team. I’ve developed my blog from an online journal/CV to being a secondary source of income. I’ve travelled to some of the world’s greatest cities (Marrakech, Dublin, London, Paris, Melbourne, Venice, Monaco) and some of the prettiest places (Provence, Cyprus, the Scottish countryside). I could probably keep going, which would be a great way to remind myself of what I’ve achieved over the last six years (perhaps we should all give this a go, we’re too good at focusing on what we haven’t achieved) but I don’t want to bore you before we even get started…

What I’m trying to say is, life has changed a lot since 2014 so, naturally, my style has too. In my first ever cherry blossom blog post I wore a pale blue lace pencil skirt, something I’d never wear now, don’t ask why, I’m not sure I could answer. I’ve worn prom dresses and circle skirts under these trees, both gorgeous but perhaps a bit too Betty Draper – too prim, too done – for my current situation, which mostly requires the ability for clothes to stretch. Somehow a full, voluminous skirt made in the most flamboyant of fabrics doesn’t quite work when chasing a faster-than-he-looks toddler while a six month old pukes over my shoulder and down my back.

Latterly my cherry blossom outfits have been a touch more wearable. Last year I was three months pregnant wearing a floral maxi dress with ruffled sleeves, this year I am almost six months post pregnancy and chose an old broderie anglaise dress which feels summery and light but it washes well and is pretty comfy, two of my most important requirements these days. For the sake of the blog, I made an effort with a cute headband and a pair of heels, but I could as easily wear this dress with Supergas, hair tied in a ponytail, much more suited to my domestic situation right now.

Over the years I’ve realised that, for me, less is more. I still love planning outfits, considering what to wear and when, etc, but it’s now about time saving and being able to enjoy a moment without worrying about what I’m wearing – and to do that, I need to feel comfortable and totally at ease in my clothes, while maintaining a sense of looking and feeling my best. This means fewer pencil skirts in favour of A-line shapes, high waist trousers rather than low-rise, a glimpse of décolletage over cleavage, flats instead of heels (in the daytime, at least).

These are all small changes, but ones that leave me feeling confident and stylish and totally free to enjoy each moment – whether they take place under an avenue of cherry blossom trees or not.

I’ve linked all of the other cherry blossom outfits below – tell me, which is your favourite? And has your style changed over the years?

C Cherry B 2019-6
C Cherry B 2019-12
C Cherry B 2019-41

C Cherry B 2019-27
C Cherry B 2019-25
C Cherry B 2019-21


C Cherry B 2019-47
C Cherry B 2019-30
C Cherry B 2019-26

I’m wearing: dress, Bravissimo (old, similar here* and here*); headband, Accessorize (plain black headband covered with polka dot fabric, similar here*); necklace, Alex Monroe (old, similar here*); basket, Next (last year, gifted, similar here*); sunglasses*, Dior at Bicester Village (old); shoes*, Nine West (old).

Kittie’s wearing: dress and matching bloomers, Next (current).

* marks affiliate link, which means I earn commission on any items purchased through The Daydreamer – you’re not charged any more or less, but it helps to maintain the blog.

Location: Dawson Park, Dundee.

Images: Kris Miller.

The cherry blossom archive:

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Look 2 (I couldn’t find 2015 – we had just experience a failed round of IVF so this could explain the gap – instead, I’ve linked a second 2016 post)

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