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I received a copy of Lorraine on Looking Great, the new book from GMTV‘s Lorraine Kelly. The lovely Fiona at Octopus Publishing Group sent it to me a few weeks ago, which was exciting because (when she isn’t working in London) Lorraine Kelly lives in Dundee, like me. I also consider her a bit of an inspiration – Lorraine’s career is not too far removed from my dream career.
As soon as I saw the cover of Lorraine on Looking Great, I knew it would fit nicely onto my bookshelf – but not before lending it to all my girlfriends! No doubt about it, Lorraine is a girl’s girl through and through, and this is probably why her new book is so appealing. She doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not, which, ultimately, is what women look for in their own friends.
In Lorraine on Looking Great, LK writes about everything from healthy “superfoods” to choosing the right underwear in order to create a good foundation for your clothes. She also gives advice about everything in between: which exercises will suit your lifestyle and personality (and how to do them correctly); how to apply day and evening make up; staying heart healthy and breast aware; dressing for your shape, and perhaps most importantly, enjoying food. She even reveals her skincare routine, something that a lot of women of a certain age like to keep to themselves, particularly if they are in the public eye.
Another admirable quality, Lorraine is not afraid of her curves and embraces her womanly body. Thus, she has bags of sex appeal for the boys and lots of support from the girls. She’s not afraid to be seen without make up (running the marathon) because it lets people see her as a real woman as opposed to a Stepford Housewife type – much more inspirational. Proving her genuine and humble personality, Lorraine proudly supports her home football team, Dundee United. It would be all too easy to support a Premier League football team from her work base, London, in favour of the Scottish team. However, her enduring support paid off this year when her team won the Scottish Cup Final in May.
Having read Lorraine’s new book, it seems to me that LK knows that life is for living. My thoughts having read this book? Enjoy everything in moderation and remember that looking good takes time and effort (and hard work!) for all of us. It also reminded me that Lorraine Kelly is fabulous – and she’s not faking it.

LK says, “This book is all about looking good and feeling great. I want to share with you the expert advice and information that I have received over the years and use what I have learned to help you feel happier, healthier and more confident.”

Octopus Publishing Group sent me a copy of Lorraine’s hardback, Lorraine on Looking Great.

images: taken with my girly pink Fujifilm Finepix

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