Gossip Girl’s Finest

I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but I know enough about it to know that the cast is full of beautiful people and that there is a major focus on the costume wardrobe. Thanks to Eric Daman, the show’s stylist, Gossip Girl has become a trend-setting TV show to rival Sex and the City (coincidentally, another show Daman has styled for).
The first time I saw the handbag line, Analeena, I knew it was a winner (the green croc clutch was one of my most favourite designs) because the designs go beyond simple luxury – Analeena bags are made from the finest materials, and contain extra special details such as umbrella pockets and mini torches; the inside of the bags are as beautiful as the outside.
So, when I discovered that Liz Hurley carried an Analeena bag while filming on the set of Gossip Girl, I was excited to see which lucky bag in the collection was the chosen one. Turns out, it was the Rock N Roll Bowling Bag. It’s undeniably gorgeous (it would have to be to be included in Gossip Girl!), but priced at £4050, will probably only make it into very few wardrobes – whether on set or not!
At least we can watch Analeena in action on TV and let our imagination do the rest…

Analeena Rock N Roll Bowling Bag. If you can do more than just daydream, find out where to buy yours here.
With thanks to Obsession PR.

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