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Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo experience with you, but today is all about the Heli Air Monaco helicopter transfer from Nice airport to Monte Carlo (and back).

I’ve never been in a helicopter before so I was a little nervous about the flight. I needn’t have been – it was incredible! I wish I could travel by chopper more often, really I do. What a wonderful way to travel! It’s a tight squeeze inside, but this makes the experience so much more thrilling than that of a plane flight. When I got in, I thought it seemed like a car that flies – the inside is around the same size as a very small car – and there’s even a hand brake – but the dash has lots of aviation dials and buttons. Due to the small size, you can actually see the ground (as close as looking out of your car window) disappear as you take off with a judder, the helicopter leaning this way and that, even tipping forwards, as it picks up speed to fly along the French Riviera coast line to Monte Carlo – in SEVEN minutes!



The same journey would take a minimum of fifty minutes by road. If you’re travelling alone, it’s worthwhile booking a helicopter transfer; a taxi costs around 100 EUROS and the chopper is around 120 EUROS, sometimes less. My advice would be to you to take the helicopter transfer if you can; yes, if there’s three or four of you, it’s cheaper to take a car, but I would highly recommend splashing out on a helicopter transfer if you are doing Monaco or Monte Carlo as a one off, special trip. It just adds to the whole experience of the luxurious lifestyle and is definitely something to add to your bucket list if it’s not already on it. I might have ticked “Helicopter Ride” off my bucket list, but it’s definitely not being scored off just yet!


With huge thanks to Heli Air Monaco for the treat!


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