Full Steam Ahead

imageThe only downside of going to Melbourne last month was, after having carefully rolled and folded each item in my suitcase with utmost precision, I arrived with wrinkly clothes – not ideal when you’re going for fashion week. It got me thinking about traveling in style… especially with regard to traveling for work, when unsightly creases are a major no-no!

Cue the Philips hand held steamer. Easier than a travel iron for which you need a decent surface, the steamer is much easier; all you need is a hanger, and you’re good to go!

imageThe steamer was slightly heavier than I’d hope it would be, but not enough to put me off packing it – especially after I tried it out! It was super easy to use (a good thing, because I couldn’t be bothered reading the instructions) and it took me less than ten minutes to get the wrinkles out of the Aspinal of London scarf they sent me to carry out the test. Basically, you pop water in the compartment, switch it on, and away you go. Even on 100% silk.

imageStep 1: Remove compartment and fill with water.

imageStep 2: Place the top of the compartment into the handle until the pieces fit together.

imageStep 3: Push the compartment into place and secure, then switch on.


imageAfter a bit of waving the steamer around – it really was that easy – and obviously being careful not to burn myself, the scarf was ready to wear; one minute every fold and wrinkle was visible, the next it was pretty much crease free! (If only I could use this on my face.)

Super easy, super quick, and no fuss.


Above: before (left) and after (right).

imageThe Philips hand held steamer is a no brainer for anyone planning a holiday or city break this summer, and especially for those who travel regularly with work. It’s also a great buy for anyone who has a lot of delicate clothing –  or even if you just hate ironing!

What’s your packing bug bear? I actually love packing (capsule wardrobe post coming soon) but I do get really irritated when my clothes are smooshed – this steamer is a life saver! Do you feel the same or do you pack clothes that don’t crease?

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  1. Sandi 25th April 2016 / 07:05

    Sounds like a gret gadget, I hate when you unpack and everything is wrinkled. Worth a buy

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