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I first met British born Louise Roe when she hosted the Scottish Fashion Awards a couple of years ago. Louise is a delightful woman and 100% gorgeous, so it’s little wonder that the majority of reader comments on the Elle website are in favour of her taking the reigns from ice-queen Olivia Palermo in MTV’s hit show, The City.
Having relocated to LA, Louise is taking the USA by storm but her debut on The City airs in the UK tonight, and I can’t wait to see her in action. Louise’s fashion knowledge is vast: probably something to do with all the articles, columns and blogs for national glossy magazines including MSN (Front Roe), In Style, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Nylon, as well as presenting the highly respected and long established The Clothes Show. She is also a regular feature on E! Entertainment in the States where she co-hosted Live from the Oscars, among her many other appearances on the popular channel, and is host to a new show,
Plain Jane, airing on American network, CW Network, on July 28th. Throw in her guest roles on TV shows such as Britain’s Next Top Model, Project Catwalk and Make Me A Supermodel, and an Honorary Fellowship at Southampton’s Solent University (she lectures students twice a year) and it is easy to understand that not only has worked hard for her success, but that she deserves it too.
Ms Roe sure is fashion’s golden girl, but it takes someone with much more substance to be so successful (and importantly, so well liked) both sides of the Atlantic – lucky for all of us then, that Louise ticked that box a long time ago.

A Cyberminute With… Louise RoeTDD: Favourite flavour of ice cream?
LR: Mint choc chip.

TDD: What would be your dream career in another life?
LR: Showjumper!

TDD: What or who inspires you?
LR: My mum, my first editor (now successful author Tasmina Perry), and for style Lauren Hutton, Mia Farrow and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

TDD: Your ultimate indulgence?
LR: Massage.
TDD: What should readers of The Daydreamer do or see if visiting your home town?
LR: In LA, rent bikes and cycle along Venice Beach followed by fish tacos at James’ Beach restaurant.

image of Louise Roe courtesy of The CW Network, Plain Jane.


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