Flat White


The flat white. My saviour, my companion, my love.

Yes, I know how crazy I sound but, Daydreamers, I just love starting my day right with a good morning coffee! I also thought you might like to know why I choose to drink a flat white (and no, it’s not just to upload pretty pictures on my Instagram!).

Since forever ago, I drank lattes. But, one day, I decided – out of the blue – to order a flat white. I don’t know why, I really don’t. I kind of wonder if maybe the Gods of the Coffee Beans spoke to me? My coffee calling? It’s like they saved me from a lifetime of ‘meh’ coffee. I mean, there’s just something so good about the taste of a flat white; it’s almost sweet, which takes away any bitterness and, frankly, the flat white makes the latte seem like a bit of a drag.

This one pictured was enjoyed in the brasserie at Hutchesons, a very chic, old-school style bar and restaurant in Glasgow. I went there to meet fellow bloggers Lucy and Tatyana (Lucy is a regular) for breakfast and a catch up. The Glasgow blogging community is great – they’re really welcoming – and anytime I visit Glasgow I make a point of trying to meet up with other bloggers because I so rarely get to see them in real life (usually just on social media, where I drool over their gorgeous photos on Instagram).

Anyway, I digress. The flat white. It’s strong but not scary like its smaller (but also crazier) friend, the espresso, and it’s tastier than the calorie conscious (and, let’s face it, rather dull) Americano. The flat white has attitude, whereas the latte just coasts along, and the cappuccino thinks that we’ll be fooled by a pretty dusting of chocolate on a cloud of foam….

I’d choose the simple but effective flat white every time. What’s your coffee of choice, and why do you love it?



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  1. Admin 31st August 2015 / 23:16

    Well Christina as you share my passion for coffee, I thought it time I post myself. Loved coffee for many years and share your love for those small hidden coffee houses in the back streets. I love a double ristretto with jersey cows milk and a sugar. Pretty much a very rich flat white.

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