First Time At The Beach

I always knew that our first trip to the beach as a new family would be special. The beach has been such a huge part of our lives as a couple – me for sunbathing, him for water sports, both of us for walking the dog – so it was always going to stay that way once bubs arrived. We live just five minutes from the beach, but to make it memorable we decided to take the thirty minute drive to Lunan Bay, a huge sandy beach surrounded by water and dunes.

Naturally, we both prepared in different ways. He organised the van, ensuring the baby’s chair was secure, that the water supply was full, that there were teabags and milk and a blanket on the bed. I, on the other hand, chose an outfit for me (stripes and Supergas) and an outfit for le bebe (stripes and tiny Supergas), and gathered all the paraphernalia babies seem to need, organising it in our new bag, just so. As much as I love my Silvercross changing bag (it matches the pram), it’s bulky and terribly practical. And as far as I’m concerned, practical is boring.

So I decided to take a risk and use a NON CHANGING BAG bag. Crazy new momma. Montrose Rope & Sail (supplier of weatherproof hold-alls to oil workers) is now doing totes for every day use (under their ‘sister’ label, Montrose Bag Company) which work really well as a stylish alternative to the classic changing bag. I mean, if their bags are strong enough to cope with the demands of an oil rig, they must be strong enough to cope with baby hazards, right? Right. The bag is stylish (unsurprisingly it’s very ‘sailing’-inspired) and durable thanks to the water proof fabric, and with it’s little inside pocket perfect for dummies but wide enough for little tubs and stuff, it’s practical too. And yet not at all boring! Result.

Our first day at the beach as a family was a success! And it’s one that we’ll remember forever, especially as NCM loved it, crashing out in the van after the excitement of seeing and hearing the waves crash against the shore. There were no screaming fits, no poonamis, no mishaps at all. Our things stayed dry and the sand stayed on the beach, though bubs did get some in between his toes – a sensation he’ll be used to in no time, I’m sure.

I’m Wearing: top (on sale), Winser London; jeans, Topshop; sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana; shoes, Superga; bag, Montrose Bag Company.

He’s Wearing: vest, Tu at Sainsbury’s; dungarees, M&S; socks, Mothercare; hat, The Nappy Pin; shoes, Superga.

Images: Kris Miller.

Location: Lunan Bay, Scotland.

This post was sponsored by Montrose Bag Company.


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  1. Barbara Lindsay 28th July 2017 / 22:09

    Such a lovely piece of writing.

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