Fashion Flashback: Valentino SS07

The Daydreamer is already a bit fed up of the damp Scottish weather. I like the freezing cold, crisp, bright, sunny days, but the damp days make me feel a bit miserable. So, on these days I try to think of warmer climes and of my possible trip to Australia in March (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!). Which then reminds me of my last visit to Oz, in March 2007 and all I could think of at that time (sartorially speaking) was Valentino’s SS07 collection. The red, with the yellow, with the modern beehive was summer perfection. It was chic and stylish but fun and flirty. It wasn’t a revolutionary collection, however, it was a Valentino collection through and through (soft chiffon, expert pleats and ruffles, bow motifs, the colour red) and so each piece (should I have been able to afford any of it) would have been an investment purchase to last a lifetime. And the hair. It could have been so wrong, but it was oh-so-right. I spent the entire spring and summer that year wearing two red bands over my up do, especially while I was in Australia. Perhaps 2013 will see a fashion flashback for The Daydreamer.

 Valentino SS07
You can’t quite see my hair as the background is quite dark, but here’s the only pic of me and my Valentino hair in 2007.
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