Dune AW14

Dune always has a great selection of quality shoes and bags to choose from at decent prices and I find that it’s a brand that really does do great value for money. I adore Dune heels (you’ve probably seen my favourite nude courts all over Instagram), but more recently I’ve been buying Dune flats (like my lovely leopard ballet pumps) because they look so much better on the foot than their budget counterparts. Dune flats are totally worth investing in, especially in autumn/winter – you might pay £40-£50 a pop, but they really do last so much longer than cheaper alternatives thanks to good fit and event better structure. There’s nothing worse than a great outfit, ruined by a cheap flat that has been slowly falling apart from day one. Instead of buying five pairs of £10 flats, choose one great staple flat from Dune and you will notice a different, not only in the way your feet look, but in how you feel – you really will have a spring in your step. Even though it’s autumn.

Dune AW14
ps it’s 50% off on the website right now!

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