My top places in Dundee for take away coffee

I’m sure that, if you follow me on social media, you’ll be well aware of my love of coffee. Particularly, a flat white, but occasionally a latte or cappuccino. But never, ever, a syrup! The temperature has to be just right, too – hot enough to warm me up, but not so hot I have to wait to drink it – it’s on the go, after all. Isn’t it funny how we can become so particular about our coffee? Or maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, without further ado, I thought I’d share with you my favourite places in my home city for getting take away coffee. It’s not a definitive list, it’s just the ones I find myself returning to over and over, and there must be a reason for this. Let me know if you visit these coffee shops too, or if you have any suggestions for me in the Dundee area.

1.The Flame Tree Cafe

Definitely my favourite place to get a take away coffee in Dundee, The Flame Tree Cafe is run by a couple made up of two lovely human beings: one Australian (her) and one Scot (him), which perhaps explains the amazing coffee given Australia’s incredible coffee scene. The Flame Tree is located in trendy Exchange Street, and the coffee is definitely, without a doubt, my favourite in town – I just don’t go there often enough as I work at the opposite end of the city centre. It does make it more of a treat for me though, to visit once in a while, but I hereby pledge to visit The Flame Tree more regularly in 2018. A flat white to go is £2.40 and is worth every single penny. I’d actually pay more, if they asked.


I admit it: I’m addicted to Tonic’s coffee. I get a single shot flat white every morning before I go into the office, partly out of convenience and partly because Tonic has such good coffee at brilliant prices. Tonic is actually more of a bar than a coffee shop, but they do a mean morning caffeine fix; the staff are fully trained and take pride in producing great coffee. What makes Tonic so appealing is how low the cost is – my flat white is just £1.60! Plus, they offer a loyalty stamp so it makes visiting every day worthwhile.

3.Mitchell’s Deli

Mitchell’s is located in Broughty Ferry, but there’s also a branch in St Andrews which is equally as good. Their take away flat white is £2 and it’s really, really nice – they know how to make lovely, smooth coffee. I also love visiting the shop because the interiors are just coffee-shop-heaven and oh-so Instagram-able… white tiles greet your feet, mirrors are high up, angled downwards to reflect the hub-bub beneath them, and wooden crates filled with plants and bits ‘n’ bobs line the walls. It makes waiting for your coffee quite fun as there’s so much to look at (and, in turn, upload to IG Stories).


Costa is an old faithful, isn’t it? I do try to avoid chain coffee shops where I can (I definitely don’t do Starbucks) because I’d rather support local, independent places, but Costa is EVERYWHERE and sometimes you just NEED a coffee NOW (if you saw my Instagram Story on Monday morning you’ll know what I’m talking about). And the thing about Costa is that I don’t ever seem to get a bad coffee, whether it’s a flat white, a latte or a cappuccino. Again, they offer loyalty points on your Costa card so it’s worthwhile going regularly – however, their flat white to go is fairly hefty at £2.60. In their defence though, Costa does a lot of good work (including The Costa Foundation, and they recycle coffee cups – not just their own, but any coffee cup) which I admire – they certainly don’t need to contribute anything back, but I love that they do. Oh, and they’ll give you 25p off if you bring your own cup.

Images: Kris Miller.

Location: Newport-on-Tay.



  1. Leigh-Ann 11th January 2018 / 21:27

    Pacamara is my favourite (Perth rd). See if you can visit for amazing brunch.

    • Christina Miller
      23rd January 2018 / 13:20

      Yes, had a coffee once and didn’t rate it – might try again as I’ve heard they’re great for brunch! Another post maybe?

  2. B.Lindsay 17th January 2018 / 15:11

    Great choices and I must say that taking your own cup helps towards the dire situation re plastic!

  3. Bo / Stromvoe 28th January 2018 / 13:51

    Off to find the Flame Tree place then! I do love Tonic as well.

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