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I love Christmastime, but I must admit I don’t agree with Christmas starting too early. Last month (yes, October) I heard Christmas music playing in the shops (I know you want to know – it was East 17’s Stay Another Day). For me, this was far too soon – Halloween hadn’t even passed! However, now that Christmas is only six weeks away I feel okay about accepting a Christmas song or two (in public places) and with starting my Christmas shopping. If Love Actually documents Christmas from six weeks in advance, why can’t we?

As if by magic, tomorrow is the first real sign of Christmas here in Dundee with the official switching on of the Christmas lights. At 6 pm the festive season officially begins with Dundee’s Christmas Light Night kicking off in the city square with a magical torchlit procession.

The light night is always a friendly and fun evening but, with work progressing well on our Waterfront Development, this year is guaranteed to be particularly special with a tribute to the sparkling River Tay and the part it plays in the city’s life: a new street theatre performance called TIME and TIDE will take place, courtesy of Dundee Dance Studio. The performance will take place on the steps of the Caird Hall – exactly where this gorgeous Christmas photo was take a few weeks ago to promote the evening. Isn’t it just magical?

The evening will also include a firework display and a performance by the Community Choir, so it’s going to be a really special, Christmassy evening. Don’t forget to share your experience on social media platforms using the hashtag #dundeeshines.

I guess this means it’s okay to have a hot chocolate/gingerbread latte every day for the next six weeks, right?

The full programme is available to download from http://www.dundee.com/christmas-night-light.html
Visit www.dundee.com for updates.

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