Dream Water Lounge, The Greenroom


The Greenroom in Dundee is one of my favourite salons and I go there regularly for maintenance treatments (eyebrows, tanning, manis) and occasionally to indulge in more relaxing treatments such as facials and, most recently, the under-eye brightening treatment (which, for £20, is really amazing and produces an instant lift to the brow area).

Last week, The Greenroom kindly invited me along to try the new Dream Water Lounge, which was installed in December. The lounge is decorated with a forest backdrop and inside is a water bed which uses jets to provide all sorts of massage (from relaxation to sports massage) for as little as £7.50 for 10 minutes*.

I was given 15 minutes in the Dream Water Lounge and that’s all it took for me to be totally sold; even after such a short time on the massage bed, I felt completely at ease – my shoulders felt looser and more comfortable, and I felt entirely relaxed both in my body and mind. I felt ‘zen’ but invigorated, like I’d given myself a little boost by doing, well, nothing!

What I like most about the Dream Water Lounge is that it’s an express treatment but it doesn’t feel rushed. You know when you book a quick treatment on your lunch break but it’s all go-go-go and before you know it, you’re more stressed than before your appointment? Well, the Dream Water Lounge massage gives instant results with no-fuss. The lounge is very private and you don’t need to worry about feeling self conscious at all because you don’t even have to get undressed;  you just lay down, fully clothed, and relax while the jets use the water to massage your body through the bed. You can choose different settings and types of massage, as well as different pressure levels, and whichever one you select is programmed into the bed by your therapist so that you can be left alone to enjoy your fifteen minutes of bliss. It’s very peaceful and it’s just long enough to feel totally relaxed without quite falling asleep – perfect for enjoying on your lunch break or after a hard day at work.

*£7.50 for 10 minutes when booked as an in-salon add on (eg you buy 15 minutes after a pedicure to allow your nails to dry fully). Otherwise, £15 for 15 minutes, or block bookings (eg three 15 minute treatments for £30).



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  1. Barbara Lindsay 27th April 2015 / 21:36

    Sounds really good!

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