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It’s impossible not to be instantly drawn to the WolFar display, designed by Textile Designer, Lewis Scott at the DJCAD degree show. The bright palette demands attention and the layering of colour and shapes captures the eye, quickly followed by the mind.






There are actually two collections on display. The first, ‘Crumbled Greyscale Text’, is a monochromatic collection of grey blazers and trousers featuring bold typography intended to reflect the 9-5 working life of city dwellers, while ‘Constructed Clashing Living’ is an energetic mash up of red, orange, blue, yellow and green (and almost everything in between) which mirrors the spontaneity and playfulness of those precious after work hours.

I admire both collections; the first for its traditional, working roots and the second for its particularly fashion forward aesthetic. ‘Crumbled Greyscale Text’ transports me to an era when men wore shorter trouser lengths with laced up boots and flat caps (think the Shelby brothers in Peaky Blinders), a time when work involved plenty of physical labour (like that of the steam engine workers in that fateful scene in Titanic).

‘Constructed Clashing Living’ is playful, the colours reflecting those often seen in the early stages of school – and yet, the cocooned silhouette, intriguing neoprene fabric and Japanese-esque print wouldn’t look out of place in one of Tommy Ton’s street style photographs from London Fashion Week.

I adore both collections for very different reasons, but what attracts me most is that they are connected by their designer’s concept. Perhaps fitting to describe this graduate collection as the Gemini of this year’s degree show.




The DJCAD degree show is open until Sunday 31st May 2015. For more info call 01382 388828 or email [email protected].

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