DJCAD: Ones To Watch 2015 – Dione Bowlt


Dione Bowlt is an illustrator, ceramicist and jeweller whose work is currently on display as part of the DJCAD degree show at the University of Dundee. She is inspired by “climate change and its ecological impacts” and her work is “a humorous, optimistic and light-hearted approach to theses issues”.

An excellent description because, as soon as I saw this necklace by the designer, I was blown away by its detail and beauty. The inspiration (ecological impacts of climate change) behind Bowlt’s work is perfectly obvious, yet completely original. The multifaceted design is clearly based on nature and its incredible ability to change surfaces, but the piece as a whole is exciting in its originality and uniqueness – it’s stunning, and evocative.

Imagine a white rock smattered with barnacles somewhere off the coast of Greece, where mermaids splash around and sunbathe. One day, they chisel away at the rock, taking a chunk of it beneath the ocean to adorn with gold stolen from pirates. The finishing touch is a row of polished pebbles collected from the shore on sun-filled days. At dusk, the mermaids take turns in wearing the necklace to seduce handsome sailors struggling to maintain their ship in dark, stormy seas….

It’s not often you find a piece of jewellery that sparks the imagination but, when you do, you’ll never forget it.






The DJCAD degree show is open until Sunday 31st May 2015. For more info call 01382 388828 or email [email protected].

Dione Bowlt / Contemporary Ceramics / / [email protected]


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