Damart’s Perfect Fit Jeans, styled three ways

These clothes were gifted by Damart as part of a paid Instagram post for their #DamartPerfectFit campaign, but I wanted to share this with you here on the blog because I think it’s a useful reference for choosing clothing that can be versatile, or when thinking about how you can style your favourite jeans in different ways to make them work harder for you.

Look 1 – the weekend

What’s easier to wear on your days off than your jeans, with a fresh white t-shirt and trainers? The yellow rain jacket adds a bit of fun and positivity as well as a practical element (so much of this past year has seen us wearing practical clothing), and it’s light enough for those spring days when the sun shines.

Look 2 – at home

How cute is this little puff sleeve jumper? Teamed with the jeans and a pair of loafers, it’s a great way to feel a bit more ‘dressed’ while working and relaxing at home – but it’s still a really comfy outfit.

Look 3 – date night

Date night calls for something a bit special, doesn’t it? But what does special look like when you’re not allowed to leave the comfort of your own home? This is actually a thermal top, but the lace trim and slightly form-fitting fabric makes it a bit sexy too. Pretty flats might be a more sensible option given the current lockdown circumstances, but heels are always an option!

The jeans

Damart’s Perfect Fit Jeans range is worth taking a look at – these ones actually have tummy control design elements, and the high waist sits flush against my back (an ongoing struggle when it comes to jeans shopping), and the fabric has enough stretch to let me kneel and bend comfortably, which is beneficial when you’re running around after two small children – or indeed if you want to go for a long walk but are sick of activewear!

All clothing available at Damart.co.uk.


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