On Thursday last week, I went to Pepperberry in Edinburgh to try out their style advice service. Pepperberry design clothes with curves in mind, so the sizing is quite different to regular high street stores. The sizing comes in 10-18 but these have an added “curvy” element; Curvy (C), Really Curvy (RC), Super Curvy (SC). 


On arrival, I was given a warm welcome by the staff in store before being ushered into the fitting rooms so that we could determine my Pepperberry size. The Pepperberry staff ask for your bra size to get an idea of your back/cup ratio and then look at your body shape from behind so that they can determine if your shoulders are in line with your hips – regardless of your boob size. There are generally three Pepperberry shapes: Straight, Balanced and Shaped. From these body shapes, you can figure out which style of clothing suits you.
Straight shapes (narrow hips, wider shoulders) suit empire line tops and dresses that emphasis your narrowest part, just under your bust. Stick to streamlined styles such as fitted pencil skirts to show off your slim hips and legs. Small delicate prints will work will well with your shape, while v-necks and wrap dresses will create curves around your waist.
Balanced shapes (hips and shoulders are in line with each other, and you have a well-defined waist) will suit Fifties style dresses which should be cinched at the waist with a belt to emphasise your narrow middle. Tailored jackets are flattering, while figure hugging skirts will accentuate your curvy shape.
Shaped ladies (your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have a well-defined waist, with fuller hips) will suit A-line skirts and prom dresses, which will show off your small waist but skim your lower half. If you choose a tailored coat with flared skirt, you will flatter that little waist and disguise your larger bottom half. Choose dresses or tops with cap sleeves or large lapels in order to balance your shoulders with your hips.
My style advisor told me that I was Shaped, so we tried on dresses with flared skirts. I also tried on a slinky black number, just because I loved it (yes, another LBD), and this worked well but probably because it was a darker colour. It turned out that I couldn’t wear the gorgeous navy jersey shift dress because my hips looked huge but that I quite suited the pretty 50s style dresses – exactly as described above.


Fifties styles (left) suit my Shaped figure much more than streamline dresses (right).

Generally, I tend to know what suits my body shape (after many years of practise!) but it was refreshing to see someone else’s point of view. The style advice service at Pepperberry is extremely useful and I would urge anyone who struggles with finding flattering clothes to take a trip to Pepperberry. Make sure you ask for one of the style advisors, who will know exactly how to find your sizing and, in turn, find the right shapes for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new – sometimes you will find a piece that absolutely suits you, despite reservations or preconceived notions that certain styles won’t suit you. The key to dressing for your shape is not to be dictated to by trends, but rather, to choose clothes that are timeless. Then you can access trends either through print, colour or (the easiest way) through accessories.
Pepperberry really is a God send for women with curves who struggle to find clothes to fit them properly on the high street. I discovered I was a 10RC or 10SC in Pepperberry’s flared dresses, which were best for my Shaped figure. It’s all about finding the right shape for your body and going with an open mind. Once you find your favourite Pepperberry style and size, you’ll never look back!

I chose one of the dresses in these pictures
– but you’ll have to tune in to
The Daydreamer to find out which one!

Huge thank you to Pepperberry for my dress, and to Kerrianne for helping me find the perfect one!



  1. Feisty Tapas 16th July 2012 / 13:24

    That fifties dress really looks good on you. I’m going to have to try this service. I’m a big Bravissimo/Pepperberry fan but lack of time with a toddler on tow means I’m always in a rush. If it included a glass of something and a nibble to eat I’d be there every month as a treat!

  2. The Daydreamer: Christina Lindsay 17th July 2012 / 11:35

    Hi Feisty Tapas! thank you, I chose a different dress but am tempted to go back….. You should always make time for yourself, although with a wee one it must be hard. Perhaps try asking a friend to find your shape from behind, and then look online? They have sizing guidelines online too, and the entire collection. Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the post. XX

  3. Anonymous 18th July 2012 / 13:55

    What a fabulous post, but Pepperberry start at an 8 not 10 as stated above! They really are a God send for women – why didnt anyone think of this earlier?!

  4. Gilly 20th July 2012 / 08:54

    Great post Daydreamer. I discovered pepperberry last year and have to say it is a God send for curvy girls. I love dresses, and get so frustrated at high street shops when you can never fit anything simply because your chest is too big (even going up 1 or 2 dress sizes). Pepperberry is just genius and whenever I wear their clothes all I get is compliments. As the post above says – why didn’t anyone think of this earlier.

  5. The Daydreamer: Christina Lindsay 23rd July 2012 / 12:32

    Thanks Anon and Gilly for stopping by – glad you like th post. Also glad to hear that Pepperberry starts at a size 8! I think Pepperberry is really a great idea too, and think they are sensible in sticking to classic styles and shapes, however, it would be nice to see a couple of “fashion” pieces in each collection. It does seem that they are testing the waters this way though, because they are now doing accessories too, which include oversize leather clutch bags and patent platforms. Pepperberry are definitely worth investing in.

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